The team is focused on creating technological solutions that create a
  1. Healthy
  2. Environment
  3. Reinforced
  4. Online
Full Armor Systems General Management Team

Full Armor Systems, HERO’s parent company, got it’s start with two dads looking to make a difference. We believe that families should have the power to control the content that enters their home and protect their children from exposure to harmful images and information. We create products that encourage a safe and nurturing online environment, while leaving you free to take advantage of the educational, social and recreational benefits that technology can offer.

Full Armor Systems provides an industry-leading, intuitive and affordable internet filtering solution that allows our customers to feel secure in the online access they provide to their families. We offer outstanding service and support, even after the purchase.

Dan Van Roekel

Dan Van Roekel, Full Armor Systems’ Chief Operating Officer, comes to the company with extensive knowledge of the technology on which HERO is based. For nearly 20 years, he has devoted himself to designing state-of-the-art computer systems for companies across many industries. In addition to his work in IT, Dan places a high value on faith and family, and he currently works with a large marriage and family ministry.

Greg Amos

Greg Amos, Full Armor Systems’ Chief Technology Officer, has built his career around information technology. As an IT business owner, he brings extensive development experience to the team, including software, hardware and project management. In addition to his other work with Full Armor Systems, Greg keeps up with the latest trends and technologies, constantly searching for opportunities to improve our software, better inform parents and create a stronger, more comprehensive HERO.