Web Filter
With HERO you are able to decide what types of sites each individual family member can access. You can let us help you by choosing one of our seven preset filter levels or choose your levels by picking the individual site categories yourself for each family member.
With HERO know where your family members are at any time. By simply going to the Map menu in our web console you can see where each person is an which device they are on.
We have taken our GeoLocation service to another level for you and your family with GeoFencing. With GeoFencing you can set locations for individual family members or multiple family members, such as School, Home, Church, etc. and get alerted when the family members enter or leave these locations. Know when your kids arrive at school or leave the house.
App Blocking
Using HERO we give you the ability to block apps from running even after they are installed on your family members Android device. The same ability to block apps on iOS devices is Coming the End of March 2017.
Coming 2017
We will be releasing a home wi-fi router next year. The router will have the same web filtering abilities that HERO does. This will provide your house with a default level of protection for any device that connects to your Wi-Fi